7 top Canadian pet food businesses in 2022

7 top Canadian pet food businesses in 2022

Although pet food sales volume growth was slow in Canada last year, the country remains one of the largest pet food markets in the world. Canada continued to lead the list of pet food importers from the United States in 2022 by a significant margin with US$1.12 billion, followed by China at US$264.15 million. At the same time many Canadian companies ship their products south and around the globe. A map of pet food production facilities in Canada shows concentrations near Montreal, Québec and Edmonton, Alberta, with others in Ontario and British Columbia. The companies listed below appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies database. Their annual revenues for 2022 are listed.

Canadian pet food companies by 2022 annual revenue

Champion Petfoods


Founded in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Champion Petfoods has been offering premium food for dogs and cats since 1985. The company exports to nearly 100 countries worldwide.

FirstMate Pet Foods


FirstMate Pet Foods is a family-owned company founded in 1989, with a focus on foods that feature fish. Now a worldwide brand, the company owns a dry production facility and a cannery.

PLB International


PLB International is a family-owned manufacturer producing its own brands, 1st Choice Nutrition, Pronature and Lily & Jax, as well as private labels at its Canadian plant. The company has an established footprint in over 20 countries thanks to its international distributors.

Elmira Pet Products


Elmira Pet Products, the largest Canadian private-label dry pet food manufacturer, produces a range of products including therapeutic diets, holistic, premium, mid-range and price-sensitive formulations. The company has a growing workforce of more than 200 employees.

Hagen Pet Foods


Hagen Pet Foods, a subsidiary of international pet products manufacturer Rolf C. Hagen, manufactures human-grade, “No Bad Anything” Nutrience cat and dog food, including grain-free and raw products.

Petcurean Pet Nutrition


Petcurean Pet Nutrition is a Canadian company that produces premium pet foods for dogs and cats. Petcurean pet foods are sold exclusively through pet specialty retailers in Canada, the United States and more than 35 countries internationally. The Petcurean family of brands is committed to sustainability as it pertains to pets, people and the planet.

Faim Museau


Faim Museau, based in Canada, was founded in 2008 by a canine behavior coach. The company’s mission is to optimize the health and wellbeing of companion animals through a biologically appropriate diet, with the goal of “making raw, natural meals accessible and easy for family pets and their owners.” Its products contain fresh meat, organs and offal. It offers a selection of medallions, recreational bones and dehydrated treats via its network of more than 250 stores.

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