Best True Crime Podcasts of 2023

Best True Crime Podcasts of 2023

Embark on a haunting journey through the corridors of the Yale Fertility Center with “The Retrievals.” This captivating true crime podcast unveils a harrowing narrative of patients seeking pregnancy, their hopes high as they undergo I.V.F. cycles. Yet, their aspirations quickly turn to anguish when the egg retrieval procedure inflicts excruciating pain upon them.

In the confines of the procedure room, agonizing screams pierce the air, and from their homes, patients urgently report post-procedure pain. Unbeknownst to most staff members handling these reports, the source of their suffering is a nurse pilfering fentanyl and replacing it with saline.

Presented by Serial Productions and The New York Times, “The Retrievals” is a five-part series helmed by Susan Burton, a seasoned figure from “This American Life” and author of “Empty.” Burton delves into the clinic’s unsettling events, delving into the diverse identities of the patients, influencing their perception of the procedure room’s trauma. The nurse, too, weaves her own narrative of pain, recounting it in court. Meanwhile, the series scrutinizes how such an occurrence could unfold at the prestigious Yale clinic.

Burton provocatively delves into the narratives we craft around women’s pain. How do we confront, decipher, and validate it? What unfolds when pain is belittled or dismissed? Discover these riveting layers of storytelling and the undercurrents of pain in “The Retrievals.”

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