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What Is RSS?

RSS is technology used to monitor rapidly changing information on the web in an organized and user-friendly way. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and it is not limited to monitoring news sites like 

RSS technology also allows people to monitor blogs, Twitter or Facebook pages, financial information, daily deals, classified sites, and government alerts to name just a few.

By posting a “feed” on their page, website owners allow RSS readers to search their site to continuously look for fresh and new information all the while maintaining user privacy.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the little orange and white RSS icon that is found all over the world on news and blog sites. People find it odd that when you click on it, you’re taken to a webpage that looks unfinished. Did the website designers forget to do something here?

In fact the opposite is true. Putting that little orange symbol on a webpage is the final touch in making website information available to everyone as soon as it is put on the internet. The strange webpage you are taken to is written in what’s called XML code.

XML is a special set of instructions to an RSS feed reader that tell it when the information for that particular webpage has changed or been updated. People who visit a webpage often for “up to the minute” information use this amazing technology to bring them the latest content from the sites they are interested in.

RSS Logo

Need an RSS icon graphic for your website? Feel free to use the RSS icon png below!

rss icon png

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

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