Here’s How to Start a Podcast on YouTube [2023 Guide]

Here’s How to Start a Podcast on YouTube [2023 Guide]

We’ve created a guide to help you find the best sounding mic for your budget.

You should also seriously consider investing in a sound mixer like the Samson Mixpad MXP124FX Compact, 12-Channel Analog Stereo Mixer with Effects and USB.  You may also want to invest in sound absorption panels to “treat the room” and remove background noise and echoes.

Also, because we are talking about sound quality, be cognizant of background noises like an air conditioner, barking dogs, your neighbor mowing the lawn etc.

4. Consider the other places you will share your video before you hit record

If you plan on starting a podcast on YouTube, you’ll want to consider everywhere the video will be shared. For example, will you be using it solely on YouTube in a horizontal format? Or will you be sharing it on TikTok and Instagram as well?

If you plan on using social media, it’s a good idea to have your cell phone set up for vertical filming at the same time that you will be recording your episodes. This way while your lighting is already set up you can film teaser videos that will pique your audience’s interest and entice them to head to the links for the full episodes.

Of course, to have your guest in any of these vertical videos may require some skill in video editing on your part, but by thinking about where your content will be used you can plan ahead and save yourself time later. After all, filming content for other mediums will be much easier while the guest and/or your subject materials are all fresh in your mind.

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