How to Create a Podcast Business Plan

How to Create a Podcast Business Plan

Start thinking about how you will monetize your podcasting efforts. Begin by looking at all the ways to make money podcasting.

Again, don’t overcomplicate this in the beginning. The idea of the podcaster business plan is to focus on the basics.

There is no rule that says you can’t be profitable from the beginning, but you will need to plan out how you will achieve this goal.

Think about which monetization strategies will be the most appropriate for you at first. If you need cashflow fast, you will need to plan for that too. For example, selling affiliate products before developing your own may yield returns quickly to fuel your ongoing business efforts.

Selling services is also a much faster way to monetize than building a listenership first. A healthy sized fanbase is usually necessary for things like bigger sponsorships and large amounts of donations via platforms like Patreon.

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