How to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media and Attract New Listeners!

How to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media and Attract New Listeners!

This app is all about short, snappy videos that pack a punch, and it’s a great way to promote your podcast and grow your audience. So let’s talk about how to make TikTok work for you!

First things first, let’s talk branding. You want to create a TikTok account that represents your podcast and grabs the attention of your target audience. Keep your username short and sweet, and use your podcast branding to make it easily recognizable.

Your bio should also be punchy, and use relevant hashtags to make your account more discoverable. Don’t forget to use a simple, bold profile pic that will catch the eye of potential followers.

Next up, let’s talk content. 

Your videos should be short, engaging, and full of personality. Use them to tease your podcast episodes, show behind-the-scenes moments, or share your unique perspective as a podcaster.

To catch the attention of new listeners, create short snippets from your podcast and turn them into videos. Use trending hashtags, record yourself live, and edit in snippets of footage that add another dimension to what you’re saying.

The key to success on TikTok is engagement. Respond to comments, create duets with other creators, and use the platform’s built-in features like live streams and Q&As to connect with your audience in real-time.

The more you engage with your followers on TikTok, the more likely they are to become loyal listeners of your podcast.

Hashtags are also important on TikTok. They help categorize your content so the algorithm can understand what it is and share it with the right people.

So, use relevant hashtags to increase your chances of getting on the For You Page (FYP). Limit your hashtags to a max of 5 and use a mix of generic and niche-specific ones that describe your genre or niche.

To increase your chances of getting on the FYP, use trending hashtags, sounds, and closed captions. Don’t be afraid to share your expertise on your podcast niche or recommend other podcasts to your audience.

Also, don’t forget to engage with people in the comments of your own videos and on other people’s videos too

Building a community on TikTok is key to growing your audience.

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