How to Publish 100 Podcast Episodes in 1 Year

Ashley 17:31
I love that. I love that. So with your Podfest Expo, when is it, and how often do you have these events?

Chris 17:39
So Podfest Expo is pretty much every year. This year, it’s May 26, to the 29th. However, traditionally, we’re usually on the first weekend of March. It’s a four-day event this year. We will have like I said, I believe I’m positive about 2000 people, but we might get as many as 3000 attendees. We do it once a year, and we also do Podglobal, which is a full virtual event now every year. That’s the one that we’ve earned now two Guinness World Records.

Chris 18:07
I think we’ll retire the record books. We’ll just do the events without the records because it creates a lot of extra work for us. But that’ll be in September every year, and we’re excited to – you’ll hear it here first, Ashley. As we get bigger, and the sponsors bless us with some additional money, we will be doing events in the UK – where we don’t want – I know it’s gonna sound very weird, we’re not looking to make money. We’re just looking to break even and see if we get scholarships on podcasts to come out with us to do almost like a foreign exchange in different countries.

Ashley 18:40
Oh, wow. That sounds really cool.

Chris 18:42
We were going to do Japan, but COVID lasted too long. We had it all planned out earlier this year.

Ashley 18:47
Yeah, I’m sure that I can speak for everybody listening to this and everyone around the world. We’re all over COVID Definitely. So where can people find you online?

Chris 18:59 if you’re looking for my name, it’s Chris Krimitsos, it’s a long Greek name. I’m sure that Google will re-spell it for you, but you can find me on all the socials. I’m on Facebook a lot, and you could catch me there, but the Podfest Expo team and I manage those accounts actively.

Ashley 19:16
Yes. And it’s very active. Absolutely. Now. So we’ll definitely leave all the links below. But before I let you go, I’ve got to ask you one question I ask everybody. What is one question I did not ask you that you really wish I had?

Chris 19:29
Um. Probably something about my wife. Like, we’re a power, well not a power couple, but how we support each other. So we are a podcasting couple. I’m on the event side, she has a podcasting network, and I would just say, if I were to be asked what have I learned from my wife because she’s an inspiration. I’ve learned that mindset is everything. I remember she started her network with one show, and she kept expanding her mindset and now she’s up to five shows on the network. It’s been amazing to watch her grow something that helps women the world over through her Women’s Meditation Network.

Ashley 20:04
Oh, God, that is so sweet. I love that. That’s what you wanted the question to be because that is just, I’m sure everybody listening to this is just giving it AWE!

Chris 20:14
She’s amazing, and I learned so much from her. I’m not an operational minded person. I’m more the excitable entrepreneur on the cutting edge. But, I’ve learned so much on how to run operations from her and to watch her systemize her podcast to support women all over the world. It’s been pretty amazing.

Ashley 20:30
Well, that’s fantastic. Well, Chris, I just want to say thank you again so much for being here with me today, and I’ll leave all the links below and I just really appreciate your time.

Chris 20:40
Thank you, Ashley. I appreciate you.

Ashley 20:43
Well, my fellow podcasters I hope you enjoyed everything that Chris had to share with us. To learn more about how to launch and grow your own podcast, head over to You can start your show for free and get your first episode on us. Thanks for tuning in.

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