How to Rank Your Podcast on Apple Podcasts Charts

How to Rank Your Podcast on Apple Podcasts Charts

According to Apple Podcasts, ratings aren’t directly factored into the algorithm that determines the rankings for Top Shows and Top Episodes.

With that being said, ratings are important because they indirectly affect other ranking factors.

A podcast with poor or no ratings may have a hard time attracting new listeners – thus no new downloads or followers – compared to a podcast with hundreds of positive reviews.

So how can you encourage listeners to leave a good review for your podcast? 

Here are a few tips:

1. Make it easy for them. Include a link to your show’s page on iTunes or another popular podcast platform in your show notes, so they can easily find it and leave a review.

2. Give them a reason to leave a review. Offer something special, like an exclusive bonus episode, for listeners who leave a positive review for your show.

The Product Boss Podcast hosted a weekly giveaway when they first launched their show

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