Sah D’ Simone’s Permission Slip to Be Free

Sah D’Simone 30:38

Oh my god, there was a snake in my kitchen. It’s not that, you know, only it’s that the like, what did they learn from hiking a volcano at four o’clock in the morning on New Year’s Eve? Like what did I learn from, from median Oracle and going to a water temple. What was it like to wake up and have a huge snake in the kitchen, you know, cause I live in a jungle and it’s an open kitchen, so things like that happen, you know. Monkeys come, snakes come, all kinds of, of lizards, all kinds of size, they just show up. So it’s live updates. It’s something that I think the community is wanting. And I also, you know, is reflecting on it through a psychological sort of evidence based and spiritual perspective, too. When we retell the things that we like about our day, restructure the architecture of our brain, water the seeds of positivity, and relaxation and gratitude in our mind, and it opens our heart.

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So this is why journaling, gratitude journaling, you know, things you’re grateful for in a day, or the things that happen to your day that you’re happy about. You know, the good things that you’ve done. Talking about them regularly reinforces, at an, at a physiological level in your brain, and of course, psychologically in the mind, and spiritually in the heart. So those life updates are both an offering to the community, and also an offering for me to, to, you know, remember and, and really feel energized and to, you know, carry those memories with the little, you know, little tighter closer to me, you know. Because we have the negativity bias, you know, wired into our brain, wired into our mind. So therefore, we are constantly just looking out for the negatives, and only remember the negative parts of our life, and not really focusing so much on the, on the good things that happen. So life updates are coming to you.

Ashley 32:33
And what is it they say the, the lizard brain, it’s such a hater. Right? Now, I have at least, I have at least five people that I know that are going to be very upset with me if I don’t ask you this. How did the Cardi B thing happen?

Sah D’Simone 32:47
Oh, yes. So the Cardi B happened the same way that the Kanye West thing happened. It’s like, they find me, you know, and it’s, and then it’s many talks, many talks, many contracts, many things I can’t say anything about you know. And it’s, someone reached out to you on email, or someone introduces you because they like your work to, to them. And, and then it was months in the making, for, for me to come and film with Cardi B that day. We’re trying to figure out like, what will be the best healing practice for her and for the show?

Sah D’Simone 33:30
What’s something that would, that would, that would look beautiful, that would feel energizing and healing for her. And then we changed the practice a few times, because you know, Cardi was pregnant while we’re filming the episode. And, but I, if there’s one thing that I always, you know, speak to people knows the first thing that kind of set me off to go, you know, live in India, Nepal years ago, in the spring of 2014 was forgiveness. I didn’t know how to forgive myself.

Sah D’Simone 34:00
And I didn’t know how to forgive other people. And I didn’t know how to ask for forgiveness, you know, I had been trained and I think, you know, people could relate to this, to act in a polar opposite of letting go and making peace with the past and recognize that my mistakes, and not make, the not me, are not who I am. And people’s miss, the way people have caused me pain, that behavior isn’t who they are, although we see as behavior as someone is at the base of their being. So it was through the practice of forgiveness that I realized that like, you know, we’re not our mistakes.

Sah D’Simone 34:33
And we actually have the choice to stop the cycle of pain going forward. And forgiving as a gift to yourself. And I mean, yada yada. I can talk about forgiveness for hours and hours and hours. But when I thought about what is one thing, though, I would like to offer Cardi B and the huge audience was forgiveness. And how do we make forgiveness cool and appealing? It was doing a, an art ritual. Where we’re painting using-

Ashley 35:02
Which was my favorite part of that episode by the way, I don’t mean to interrupt, but that was my favorite. Watching y’all paint, that was my favorite part of the episode. Um, for anybody who’s listening to this who has no idea what we’re talking about Sah got this amazing opportunity to actually do a healing practice with Cardi B and it’s on Facebook right now and we’ll definitely leave a link down below because it’s an epic video.

Sah D’Simone 35:23
Oh, thank you, honey. Yeah, so it was an amazing opportunity to share forgiveness. I said, you know if, if whatever, however, it goes down a day, at least I am happy that I was able to share a forgiveness practice with such a legendary iconic star. And you know, you, you watch her having resistance to the first part of the, of the, of the forgiveness ritual. And then she comes in full circle and says, you know, she says those words, forgiving them as a gift to myself, you know. I feel more at peace and so you know, give yourself the, the laugh and, and go watch the episode.

Ashley 36:00
Oh, it’s a fantastic episode. Well, I’m gonna ask you the one thing that I asked everyone, what is one thing that I didn’t ask you, you really wish I had?

Sah D’Simone 36:09
Oh, my God, honey.

Ashley 36:14
Put you on the spot there.

Sah D’Simone 36:15
I know. One thing you didn’t ask me that I wish you did. About my painting practice. my personal painting practice that I’m looking at my painting right now. I haven’t painted in 20 years. But I started since moving to Bali, and I’m painting. You know, I’m really using creativity as I use with Cardi to express my heart to, you know, really heal my relationship to my past. To anchor myself more in the present moment. And I’m not a painter, and I don’t have traditional training. I’m just looking at it like, oh my goodness, honey, that’s a mess. But I’m just happy with the, my choice to create with my pain, to use it as inspiration for liberation, you know.

Ashley 37:00
The one message that, the one message that keeps coming through is forgiveness. But is there any other message you really want to leave with the listeners of this episode?

Sah D’Simone 37:10
One other message that I wish to leave with the listeners of the episodes.

Ashley 37:18
I’m putting you on the spot left and right.

Sah D’Simone 37:19
I know, yeah. And I don’t do well with that either. And when people have like those fire rapid fire questions, I’m like, honey, I can’t do it. I asked my team to like, make sure to cut that out of every episode, cause I’m like, okay, I don’t know.

Ashley 37:28
If you want we can cut it.

Sah D’Simone 37:31
No, no no. What’s one message I can leave with people? It’s, um, I think we should just, you know, emphasize the importance of learning to forgive yourself, forgive others and ask for forgiveness and recognize that forgiveness is the nectar of presence, and it’s the gateway to unconditional love. So if you want to experience genuine self care, learn to forgive yourself.

Ashley 37:59
Well, my fellow podcasters, I hope you enjoyed all the amazing insights that Sah D’Simone had to offer. To learn more about launching and growing your own podcast, visit us at You can get started for free by getting your first episode on us. Thanks for tuning in.

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