The Podcast Accelerator’s Ginni Saraswati Shares Valuable Tips for New Podcasters

Ginni 13:57
I think what they need is – I think people think they need a lot of things before they start. One thing I’ve noticed about humanity, Ashley, is that we are very quick to talk ourselves out of something that we want to do. So if you so you know, you know that whole mentality works, I’m gonna go to the gym tomorrow. And when you wake up, it’s tomorrow and you don’t go to the gym. Right? You’ve got to have yourself prepared with some statements to counter that.

Ginni 14:23
Right? Like I go through it every day I wake up I’m like, You’re I gotta go to the gym. And then my voice is like just sleep another 10 minutes. Text your trainer. He’s gonna kill you, but just text him. Yeah, I’m texting him. And I’ve seen the consequences. But you forget about that when you’re tired, right? So what I did was I kind of came up with a counter in my head. Like you always feel better, Ginni, when you go to the gym. And that’s true. And it always has proved to be true and kept me consistent.

Ginni 14:49
So you’re starting out with a podcast, really think about why you want to create one. All right, is there a topic that you’re so passionate about? To have those thoughts in your head, because that’s what’s going to propel you forward. All those thoughts about, “I can’t do this. Who am I to start a podcast? This is too hard.” That’s just another obstacle that you’re gonna have to jump over. That’s gonna tie you if you don’t have some positive tenacity powering you through, right.

Ginni 15:11
So really make that your focal point. And the other thing too, Google is like, okay. You can Google how to start a podcast and that sort of thing. Like Ginni Media, my company has all these guides about that, too. But Googling microphones can be quite overwhelming, because there’s 2 billion searches, right? So just, there’s a lot of resources out there online. Put some time into some research. Look for a decent podcasting mic. Because that’s really going to be the difference between a quality podcast, to a decent quality podcast. Like that’s the quality factor or the quality variable. And I think what I learned too, is sometimes doing things by yourself, if you’re that type of person who, you know, gets a gym membership for a year, but doesn’t really go to the gym. Chances are, you probably need what’s called an accountability person, to bring someone along with you on the journey that’s gonna keep you accountable.

Ginni 16:00
I’m that person, I will have a gym membership, and I won’t go. But if there’s someone there yelling at me threatening to beat me up, I will be there. So that’s the kind of person that I am. So apply those same mechanics or mentality to starting a podcast too. It sounds, it can sound really overwhelming. But these are the things that are actually going to keep you accountable to get to your goal. And this is also why I started my program with my co-founder Michelle Sorro, The Podcast Accelerator. Because there is an element of accountability that comes with launching a podcast, which is super helpful. And that gets you across the line. So just to summarize Ashley, what I said was your mindset is super important. And a microphone, the two M’s – M&M.

Ashley 16:00
I get that. And the reality is, you know, one of the things that held me back for so long is I was afraid of, like, I had the fear of failure. I had the fear of no one’s gonna listen to me. I had the fear of, you know, well, what if I say something stupid? And finally, one day, I was just like, you know, what if I just treat this like an experiment? Then if I mess it up, s what? Because the reality is, it doesn’t cost that much to buy your podcast hosting, it doesn’t cost that much to to purchase a decent microphone. Yes, you can go and spend, you know, five or 600 bucks on the fancy schmancy stuff or $1,000 on a soundboard or whatever. But I mean, I’m sitting here with a Blue Yeti microphone that I think was like $199. And but there’s cheaper ones even. There’s like $60 microphones that sound pretty decent. So it’s kind of one of those things where it’s like, if you’re afraid, just do it anyway. Do it scared. Because you first need to know do you even like this medium? So try it.

Ginni 17:39

Ashley 17:39
Because what if you find out you absolutely love it? And then you just become kind of addicted to talking?

Ginni 17:47
100% And like, and then you can’t shut up? Right? Yeah, like you just want to keep talking and talking and talking. And it’s fantastic. Because I think it’s a great space to be in when you fall in love with podcasting. It’s only gonna keep going and going and take you to different heights and opportunities.

Ashley 18:03
I completely agree. And I guess my question, though, is, so once you do actually get started. Once you get your M&M in place. So what are the things that you should keep in mind? If you want to create something that’s different and stands out from the sea of podcasters that are out there? Yeah.

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