What Caused the Spike in My Podcast’s Analytics?

What Caused the Spike in My Podcast’s Analytics?

There could be legitimate reasons for the bizarre spikes you are seeing in your analytics.

For example, your episode about ancient Rome might see a sudden increase due to a TikTok trend, or your podcast about an old TV show might suddenly be all the rage after a revival of the series is announced.

It might even be as simple as someone posting a link in Reddit or on social media after enjoying your content!

There’s also a chance the spike is from a bot or some other program causing an increase in your listener numbers. RSS.com has an excellent filtering system that normally prevents untrustworthy data from making it as far as your analytics dashboard, but in rare cases it can still happen. 

Below are a few things to look out for that will let you know if the spike you are seeing is genuine … or not.

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