Why Shopify Store Owners Should Start a Podcast

Why Shopify Store Owners Should Start a Podcast

There’s a fine line between good promotion and bad promotion.

You want your podcast to boost your business and sales, but you don’t want to sound like a 30-45 minute long advertisement.

You created your podcast to promote your brand, but have some fun with it too!

The more open and personable you are on your podcast, the bigger audience you’ll attract.

Let’s say you’re running a fashion eCommerce business.

In this case, your podcast can be centered around fashion. You can discuss trends, fashion news, big names in fashion, and more in your show. By crafting your show into the fashion niche, you’ll attract potential customers for your brand.

The bottom line is: you don’t want to center your entire show around your business and what you’re selling.

Your show should consist of content in your chosen niche, and you’ll be able to seamlessly plug your brand into it.

If you want listeners, you need to deliver value, not just a sales pitch!

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