🎬 2023: Starting a YouTube Podcast Channel – Your Step-by-Step Guide 🗺️

🎬 2023: Starting a YouTube Podcast Channel – Your Step-by-Step Guide 🗺️

You can verify your account by text message or phone call, and phone calls make me uncomfortable, so let’s do a text.

Let’s add my phone number and hit “GET CODE.”

Let’s enter the verification code YouTube sent me and hit submit.

Now, my phone number is verified. From the same page, let’s go to “Advanced Features.”

This step is important because this is what will allow us to link our channel to our RSS.com account so we can distribute our episodes automatically to YouTube.

Another thing we’ll need is to create a playlist on our channel for our podcast.

This is very simple to do.

From my channel home page, I click on “manage videos.” From the left-hand side menu, I select “Content,” and then from the top menu, I select “Playlists,” and then click on this button right here that says “new playlist.”

In this new pop-up screen, we’re prompted to add a title for our playlist – I’m going to title it Podmacita Podcast.

Next, we’ll add a brief description of the playlist. I’m going to add “enjoy my full episodes here” I keep the visibility public and hit “Create Playlist.”

And now we have our new playlist ready to upload our episodes to.

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