📈🎧 Boost Your Podcast’s Reach: Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Audience

📈🎧 Boost Your Podcast’s Reach: Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Audience

Marketing can be a very intimidating term, especially if you’re new to the world of content creation and podcasting.

But think of marketing as a way to connect with your intended audience and start conversations.

When you know your audience, it’s easy to know their worries and frustrations, what brings them joy, and little pieces of information you can use in your messaging to start conversations and connect with them online.

Marketing is about sharing your message with visuals so other people resonate and connect to it.

This is the type of marketing I want you to do.

No complicated formulas or strategies. The only thing you need to know is to start sharing your episodes with your email subscribers, on your social media, and at events opening the channels for communication and access to you.

Be curious, ask questions, share your message, and engage with your listeners on your social media channels.

You can use a graphic design tool like Canva pro to create all sources of cool graphics, gifs, and even videos to share with your followers.

You’ll get more sophisticated with your marketing and content strategy later down the road, but for now, that’s all I want you to do.

And finally, networking.

Reach out to podcasts that share your audience and pitch yourself to be interviewed on those shows so you can share your podcast with their audiences.

This is a very effective way to grow your podcast because you’ll be pitching your podcast to people who are already podcast listeners.

Remember earlier I told you podcast recommendations were the number one way podcasts get discovered these days?

Well, this is exactly what I want you to do.

I want you to go on other podcasts to talk about what you do and share your podcast. I cannot tell you the many times I have found new shows this way.

And if you haven’t set up your podcast yet, I have a video on how to start a podcast where I’ll walk you through my seven steps framework. I hope you enjoy it.

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