12 top UK-based dog, cat and other pet food companies 2022

12 top UK-based dog, cat and other pet food companies 2022

The United Kingdom was home to the second-largest pet dog population (13,000,000) and fourth-highest pet cat population (12,000,000) in Europe in 2022, according to the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) “Facts and Figures 2022” report. One survey of U.K. pet owners by Mintel found that 60% prioritize health benefits in selecting pet foods. Another U.K. dog owner survey’s results suggested that the quality of the dog food is their top criteria in selecting a product. Quality was the first choice for 60% of the nearly 1,500 owners surveyed by Pets International magazine and Yummypets, an online community for pet owners.

The following U.K.-based pet food companies help meet those pet owners’ demands for healthy, quality food. These companies appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Companies database. Annual revenue 2022:

GA Pet Food Partners

Annual revenue 2022: US$181,550,000.00

GA Pet Food Partners is one of the largest private-label pet food manufacturers in Europe. The company operates a thermal twin extruder to include very high levels of fresh meat in premium dry pet foods without the use of dry meat meals. It manufactures 500 types of extruded pet food for more than 1,200 customers worldwide.

Inspired Pet Nutrition

Annual revenue 2022: US$143,050,000.00

Inspired Pet Nutrition (formerly Wagg Foods) is the U.K.’s largest independent producer of dry pet food.

MPM Products

Annual revenue 2022: US$115,600,000.00

MPM Products is a UK producer of premium, all natural pet food. The company exports to more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, including the U.S.

Butcher’s Pet Care

Annual revenue 2022: US$115,430,000.00

Butcher’s Pet Care specializes in natural, wet pet food that is free of cereal, soya and gluten, and contains no artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. It claims to be the third-largest pet food manufacturer in the UK.

Pets Choice

Annual revenue 2022: US$96,050,000.00

Pets Choice is a U.K.-based pet food manufacturer with operations throughout Europe. The company produces private-label food and treat products for dogs, cats, ornamental fish and small animals through an accredited ISO 9001 manufacturing and distribution network. Pets Choice operates two manufacturing sites and a 140,000-square-foot warehousing facility. It owns the brands Webbox, Goodwyn’s Natural Goodness, Davies and Oceanic. Pets Choice also distributes the brand Vitakraft, a fellow subsidiary of parent company Deuerer.

Grove Pet Foods

Annual revenue 2022: US$40,000,000.00

Grove Pet Foods is a manufacturer of dry dog food with its Vtalin and Alpha Feeds brands and private label customers.

Natures Menu

Annual revenue 2022: US$33,000,000.00

Natures Menu, Europe’s largest raw pet food producer, offers raw meals plus lightly steamed wet food in cans and pouches for dogs and cats. It is owned by Affinity Petcare, which is a subsidiary of Agrolimen.

Canagan Group

Annual revenue 2022: US$32,600,000.00

Canagan produces high-quality grain-free pet foods that are now available in 45 countries with over 10,000 retail partners.

Arden Grange Pet Foods

Annual revenue 2022: US$31,780,000.00

Arden Grange is a family-run business founded in 1996. The company says its canine and feline diets are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning they do not include common allergens, and they are preserved naturally without artificial preservatives or colors. The company’s products are available in more than 30 countries.

Burns Pet Nutrition

Annual revenue 2022: US$30,900,000.00

Burns Pet Nutrition was launched by veterinarian John Burns and designed specifically to manage common health problems in cats, dogs and rabbits. The company purchased and operates 300-acre Penlan Farm, from which it sources nearly all of the ingredients for its Penlan Farm pet food line.


Annual revenue 2022: US$30,000,000.00

Forthglade, founded in 1971, is based in the U.K., in the county of Devon. The company produces products that are free from “fillers and artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.” Most of the ingredients used in the company’s products come from the U.K. Forthglade uses gentle cooking methods, such as steaming and cold pressing.

Lily’s Kitchen

Annual revenue unavailable

Lily’s Kitchen pet food is manufactured with all-natural, organic ingredients and packaged in recyclable containers (including the dry pet food bags). In 2014, the company launched Lily’s By Lily’s Kitchen, a brand only available in Tesco stores. Lily’s Kitchen owns three warehouses and outsources manufacturing to five factories. Nestlé Purina PetCare acquired the company in 2020, but Lily’s will continue to be run as a stand-alone business from its base in Fitzrovia, London, U.K.

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