9 Clever Tips to Market Your Podcast

9 Clever Tips to Market Your Podcast


This is so imperative because the guests will want to brag about their appearance on your show to their subscribers, followers, friends, family, etc. They will email it to their lists. They will post it on all their social media.

This is exactly what you want.

Your website gives your guests the chance to link to your site on their site, mailing list, social media, etc.

It’s easier to link to an episode page on a website than on a single episode on iTunes.

Your podcast guests can drive their following and traffic to your site, and then you can convert them to leads, and hopefully, to loyal listeners.

The guests will remember you more if you engage with them after the interview through social media, a thank-you gift, or a short follow-up email with the episode page’s link.

Media guests do so many interviews – some do thousands of interviews every year. By following up and engaging with them, you won’t be just another podcast host who lives in his parents’ basement.

The guest might even refer more guests within their industry to you in the future. He or she might also send you free stuff (conference tickets, books, etc.).

You want to start and maintain as many relationships with guests as you can, so don’t hesitate to friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or add them on LinkedIn.

You never know what the guest can do for you in the future … whether it’s recommending your show publicly or becoming a potential business partner.

These networking tactics have helped my clients and me immensely!

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