An Inside Look at Podcast Movement

Jared Easley 41:13
Okay, so what’s the question that you didn’t ask that you should have? Um, man, there’s so many questions that you could have asked that you didn’t. I love random things. I love. Like right now I’m passionate about being a referee. I did referee for American football for high school and middle school this past fall. For the first time ever. And I loved it. It was so much fun. It was something that was way out of my comfort zone. But I got involved. I started doing it. I loved it. So I’m always kind of looking for random things to kind of to mess with and have fun with. That’s one of them. And the other one is I help out and volunteer at the animal care shelter here locally and just walk the dogs. You know the old dogs that nobody wants to, you know, take home. So I go and hang out with old dogs and walk them. You know, I do that. That’s fun. Yeah, just in the random little things. Vending! Vending interests me right now. I’m into vending machines. I’m fascinated. I actually own a couple of vending machines.

Ashley 42:20
I get it. I can’t believe how many different vending machines there are.

Jared Easley 42:23
Yeah, I bought a couple vending machines. And so I’ve been playing with those just for fun and it’s an idea that I thought, hey, I want to teach my daughter some business principles. She’s young, she’s 11.

Ashley 42:35
Candy and soda?

Jared Easley 42:37
Snacks and stuff like that.

Ashley 42:38
And so when I was in an airport the other day they were selling iPhones in a vending machine. I’m like whoa.

Jared Easley 42:45
That’s a vending machine I should get. I saw one on Instagram in like, maybe in Japan, where they sold, like, cake in a can. And you drop the can down. It’s got a plastic spoon. You pull the top off and you’re eating cake.

Ashley 43:01
Oh, yeah, they have a whole street dedicated to vending machines in Japan. There’s a YouTube video on it. I should send it to you.

Jared Easley 43:07
Oh, I love it. Anyway, yeah. So vending interests me. There’s so many things that interest me. So I love really interesting shows on Netflix and streaming channels, apps. So if you ever find that show that you just love, you know tweet me or message me and tell me because I’m always looking for good ones.

Ashley 43:24
Well, speaking of tweeting, where can we find you online?

Jared Easley 43:27
Jared Easley is my personal Twitter. Of course, if you’re wanting Podcast Movement, that’s @PodcastMovement, and that is a much more active channel than my Twitter. My personal Twitter, but yeah. You can always reach out to me, Jared at Podcast Movement dot com via email. Or we can connect on Twitter, Instagram, any of those places. So yeah, it would be LinkedIn. Yeah, LinkedIn too.

Ashley 43:50
And if you’re lucky enough to be a Facebook friend, you’ll get to see some of Jared’s dad jokes.

Jared Easley 43:53
I’m on Facebook. I’m a little more picky with who I’m friends with on Facebook. And I think it’s because I tell really bad dad jokes.

Ashley 44:01
I love your dad jokes.

Jared Easley 44:03
Yeah, there are some that can, you know, process them. And then there’s, I sent my brother an email. This is a true story. I sent him an email this past week with a bunch of probably like 12 really terrible bad jokes. Dad jokes, not bad, but just dad cheesy jokes. And he wrote me back and he was just like, “Man, like, don’t ever do that again.” I was just cracking up and I’m laughing more at his response than anything. Oh, but yeah, my friend. And unfortunately, John Kenny is no longer with us. But John was a guest on my show a long time ago.

Jared Easley 44:36
And John said to me – one time he said, “Tell bad jokes.” And I was like, “Why? They’re bad jokes.” You know? And he’s like, “People laugh at bad jokes. They say they hate them. They may groan, but really deep down, people appreciate bad jokes every now and then.” You know, there’s a lot of challenges in this life. There’s the pandemic. There’s political challenge. There’s, you know, all these you know, differences of perspective and opinion. And it’s so nice sometimes to just go on a social media channel and read a bad joke. Read a dad joke. So that’s I think the goal there. I just try to make somebody laugh and kind of forget about all the craziness for a moment and move on.

Ashley 45:22
Well, this was definitely an interesting interview. I kind of saw it going one way. I didn’t know we were gonna end the way we did. But I have loved everything.

Jared Easley 45:30
I feel like we should just start over now. But bless your heart. Yeah, that’s what they say in Kentucky. In a good way.

Ashley 45:40
In a good way. Yeah. Well, I just want to thank you again so much for your time. And for all of the awesome stories that you shared. I mean, everything you shared was just. It kind of lights me up and makes me very excited for Podcast Movement. I will be attending virtually. But there are team members from that will be attending. So thank you for your time.

Jared Easley 46:01
Absolutely. I’m grateful and I hope people will continue to check out the show.

Ashley 46:05
Yes, and I hope people will continue podcasting. Yeah. What are you waiting for? Just launch already.

Jared Easley 46:10
Yes. If you’ve got questions message me or, or keep listening to this show. You’ll figure it out. You’ll get there.

Ashley 46:16
Well, my fellow podcasters I hope you enjoyed all the amazing insights that Jared had to share about starting a conference and starting a podcast. To learn more about starting and growing your own show, visit us at, and you can start for free and get your first episode on us. Thanks for tuning in.

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