Fun Ways to Come Up With Awesome Podcast Ideas

Fun Ways to Come Up With Awesome Podcast Ideas

13. Start your episode with a quote and explore it from the perspective of your niche.

14. Share a brief bio of someone famous in your niche or at least related to it in some way.

15. Begin sharing facts, figures, and news in your episodes that your audience might be interested to hear.

16. Tell your own backstory about what got you interested in this niche.

17. Break apart your longer episode ideas into two or multi-episode series where you dive even deeper into the things you’re discussing.

18. Go back to school or take a course on your topic and give a digest of what you’re learning.

19. Explore other courses related to your niche that you are considering taking and share details about them with your audience.

20. Discuss novelty products and goods that are for sale related to your niche (bonus points if you can find an affiliate partner to make money from that content).

21. Host a virtual party with your audience on Zoom and do a Round Robin where listeners get to introduce themselves and talk about why they like your niche – record it and take notes of all the awesome things they bring up.

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