How to Create an RSS Feed

How to Create an RSS Feed

So how do you get an RSS feed and reap these awesome benefits which include increased traffic, return readers, and increased visibility? 

If you are using WordPress simply add /feed/ to the end of your website’s domain name. Example:

Another way involves knowing quite a bit of code. RSS feeds are created using XML code. In the first node, you declare the channel and title of the feed, links back to the website, a description of the feed, and its language. You can also include an image (like a logo) within the XML code. This part of the code remains static.

To ensure your updates from your website are added to your feed, you’ll need to create a new node. Within that node, you’ll add a new item to the top of the list each time you update, including the title of the item, the publish date, a link to the item’s webpage, and a CDATA description.

Check out the video below to learn how to write the code for your RSS feed.

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