How to Find the Best Podcast Guests & Have Great Interviews 

How to Find the Best Podcast Guests & Have Great Interviews 

Once you’ve secured guests, it’s time to send them a list of prepared questions that you plan on asking them during the interview.

Sharing your questions days in advance allows them to prepare their answers and provide even more value to your listeners.

It also allows them to comment and provide feedback regarding your questions. This allows you to add more relevant questions or remove irrelevant ones from the list.

Now comes the most important part: finding which questions to ask your guests.

Ideally, you don’t want to ask questions they’ve already answered in previous podcast interviewers. You want to give your listeners and the guests’ followers something new to make your podcast interview a must-listen.

This means combing through the questions asked by podcast hosts on the interviews they’ve done through the years.

To help you brainstorm for unique questions, review your guest’s answers in previous podcasts or even on articles they’ve written. Ask them to clarify their ideas or use them as jumping-off points for new questions.

Circling back to social listening, you can turn comments made and social media users’ sentiment towards the interviewee into questions.

Finally, ask your audience for questions you can ask the guest.

You can post about it on your Facebook page or group or send an email to your subscribers.

By getting them involved in the process, you can get them excited about their appearance on your show.

Finally, follow these best practices when narrowing down your interview questions:

  • Try not to ask “yes” or “no” questions; always ask “why” or “how” to get more elaborate and thoughtful answers from guests.
  • Make your questions flow organically; they should follow a natural progression that leads from one topic to another.
  • Build up to your questions, starting with the simplest before heading into more complex and complicated ones.

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