How to Publish 100 Podcast Episodes in 1 Year

Patrick 19:50
For sure, and that’s one shift I’ve made in my podcast is like I’m clipping short reels and doing more social media content. I like to give that to them.

Ashley 19:59

Right. It’s like, here’s a bunch of free, you know, maybe you don’t want to invest an hour listening to this person, but here’s three minutes of this person talking about their business. To me that should be invaluable for an entrepreneur.

Ashley 20:10
Yes. And that’s actually one of the things we’re doing with the podcast is, we’re starting to do what’s called Quick Hits, where we’ll have the 35-minute, you know, 45-minute episode, but then we also release like three to five minute clips that can not only be repurposed on social media, but if someone’s just, you know, on the go, and they just want to hear those golden nuggets that are like the best pieces of each episode, you can find those too?

Patrick 20:32
Absolutely. Because as much as people have the appetite for the long form stuff it is like they also don’t. It’s a different world, it’s like, if we can give it to somebody on their Instagram feed, you might get a good look for it.

Ashley 20:44
Yes, and I have to tell you, one of my dirty little secrets when it comes to listening to podcasts is I always use the pod catcher that has the ability to speed up the time of the episode. So if it’s like a 45-minute episode, I’ll do it at like a 1.5 times speed so that it can be done in 30 minutes, and I can get back to whatever I was doing.

Patrick 21:01
Right, just right, just cram it down and move on.

Ashley 21:05
Yep. It’s just one of those weird quirk things that I do with YouTube videos, too. If I’m, like, trying to learn something, I always look and see like, can I get this done a little bit faster, so I can get the content and then get back to this. You know what I need to do?

Patrick 21:20
Interesting, I might have to try that out.

Ashley 21:21
I’m kind of addicted to it, though, and it’s bad. Because like, then when people are talking in real time, I’m like, can you talk a little faster?

Patrick 21:27
That’s hilarious.

Ashley 21:29
Which is probably not good.

Patrick 21:31
Well, you can say a lot of things about YouTube maybe not being so good. But whatever.

Ashley 21:36
Yeah. But it’s, I mean, I’ve learned a lot on YouTube. I mean, I learned how to change my own lights on my car, like, you know, my headlights. Like that kind of stuff. It’s kind of wild how literally anything you could ever want to know, you can find online.

Patrick 21:51
Exactly. Your exact make and model of car, some headlights on that thing?

Ashley 21:55
Yep. And that’s exactly what it was, like, just Google exactly what you’re looking for. That’s kind of one of the cool things about podcasting, too. Because people are talking about anything and everything. You never know what you’re going to find, and once you do find it, you can be opened up to like a whole realm of possibilities. I think that’s one of the things that’s so cool about this medium is not only are people finally getting their messages out there, but they’re teaching people things that they didn’t even know existed.

Patrick 22:24
Absolutely. I had a guy on my podcast, maybe you should have him on your show. His name is Clayton Putri. He’s out in Pittsburgh and he does a podcast called consciousness. So things like psychedelics, meditation, all that sort of stuff. What I learned talking to him was like, mind blowing, it wasn’t stuff that I didn’t know, but I just I didn’t understand it as well, and then you talk to him. It’s just like, he found his niche first and then went for it.

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