How to Transcribe Your Podcast for Free

How to Transcribe Your Podcast for Free

Are you using Zoom for your podcasts?

Did you know that Zoom has an audio transcription feature?

Once Zoom’s transcription feature is enabled, you can download a transcription of your meeting.

So, how do we use Zoom transcription?

Select the settings tab. Next, go to the recordings tab. Check off the “Select Audio Transcript”. The final step (at this stage) is to record. Close out of the settings and click “Record” on the bottom Zoom taskbar.

Then, just start recording your podcast like you normally would. If someone in the session needs real-time captions, you or a co-host can edit and correct the transcription as needed. If not, there will be an opportunity to edit and finalize the transcription afterwards.

After the Zoom recording, you will receive an email from Zoom with the subject line “Audio transcript for the recording xxx is now available”. Click the link in the email or via your Zoom cloud to access your recording.

All that’s left is to view the recording, and match your actual audio with the transcription. Select “Edit” for incorrect text and then click “Save” when it is corrected. Once changes are made in the transcript, the caption will automatically update too.

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