How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Podcast

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Podcast

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s vital that you’re thinking about how you can be found by potential listeners and your current audience on their Instagram feeds.

To find the best way to visualize your brand, start by answering these questions:

Will this be recognizable to an ideal audience that doesn’t know us?

Will this help my regular followers and listeners recognize us immediately?

These questions are medium agnostic, meaning it doesn’t matter whether it’s video, or dynamic or static imagery.

What’s important is recognizability.

For example – if you’re an established vodcast where your audience recognizes your faces, your Instagram brand guidelines might include rules like:

  • Thumbnail includes one creator smiling / laughing
  • Videos must include ‘Play with Sound’ sticker CTA
  • Videos show merchandise with name facing towards camera

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