How to Use Visual Descriptions in Podcasting for Accessibility

How to Use Visual Descriptions in Podcasting for Accessibility

While podcasting is primarily an audio-only medium, adding visual elements can make for a more engaging experience for all listeners and help creators stand out in the crowded podcasting world.

One way to do this is with dynamic audio clips that provide a visual description of yourself or your show.

Dynamic audio clips are simply pre-recorded snippets that you insert into all of your episodes. The clips you use can be the same or different for each episode depending on your preference.

For example, you might want to describe yourself, your surroundings, and even your outfit each time you record – and this might change from day to day.

With these clips, you can provide listeners with a visual experience without them having to leave the episode they’re listening to.

This could be anything from introducing yourself and describing what you look like, to describing how your show will sound and feel.

These descriptions go far beyond just naming characters.

They should provide details on sound effects, music, background noises, and other elements that will help people with disabilities (and even listeners who are not disabled!) more accurately understand what’s happening in the episode. Visual descriptions are also beneficial for those who may have trouble understanding certain accents or languages used in podcasts due to their disability.

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