How to Visualize Your Podcast’s Audience

How to Visualize Your Podcast’s Audience

It’s safe to assume that your tone, delivery, and preparation would be different for a crowd of 10 people compared to a crowd of 500 people, right?

Close your eyes and imagine those two scenarios, you probably feel more nervous about the crowd of 500 people than the room of 10.

Being able to visualize the size of your audience will help you prepare better for your episode and provide more quality content.

For example, if you know you have over 2,000 listeners, you can imagine you’re performing your episode directly in front of them. This may help you to be more engaging, relevant, and cautious of your audience’s time and expectations.

Visualization can help you hone in on that feeling of making a significant impact on real people instead of speaking into the ether and feeling like no one is hearing what you’re saying.

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