Learn How to Start a Great Podcast – 2023 Beginners Guide

Learn How to Start a Great Podcast – 2023 Beginners Guide

The first thing everyone is going to ask when you start promoting your podcast is, “What is it about?” 

You need to be crystal clear on the focus of your show and will want to choose a topic that you already have some knowledge of and/0r interest in

Once you have a topic, ask yourself, what unique insight do you have to offer?

Before you jump into recording a single episode, understand exactly what your focus is and the unique value you can bring to your listeners.

Another important question to ask yourself is if this a topic that you’ll be able to produce enough content on? 

Some topics may seem exciting at first, but when you start considering what episodes you could create around them, you may realize you need a different topic.

Finally, can you narrow your topic down? It’s important to niche down to something specific, rather than keeping it broad. 

For example, talking about parenting is fine, but it may be too broad to build — and keep — an engaged audience.

Niche down to something more specific to create the most loyal fanbase.

When you niche down your listeners will feel as though you’re talking directly to them. They don’t say “the riches are in the niches” for nothing! 

Put another way, the more specific your niche, the easier it will be to create episodes that will keep your ideal listener coming back for more.

For example, instead of using the broad topic of parenting, niches for this subject could be: 

  • Parenting children with special needs
  • Parenting without yelling 
  • Parenting abroad
  • Managing your own passions while parenting … you get the idea

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