The Importance of Podcast Transcripts for ADA Compliance

In light of the December 2021 lawsuit brought against SiriusXM for failing to provide podcast transcripts for the deaf and hard of hearing, podcast transcription is quickly becoming a hot button issue.

Did you know that ADA compliance is a requirement for all businesses? Even if your podcast isn’t yet making money, ADA compliance should be on your radar, and one way to be compliant as a podcaster is to provide transcripts of your podcast.

In fact, if your website includes any type of podcasting content, it is important to provide transcripts for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

While some people may think that ADA compliance is only important for large businesses, any podcast can technically be held liable for discrimination if they do not take steps to make their content accessible, and providing transcripts is one way to ensure that yours is accessible to everyone.

If your podcast host doesn’t provide automatic transcriptions, we recommend you start transcribing them yourself.

In our post “How to Transcribe Your Podcast for Free,” we share a few ways you can transcribe your episodes for free including:

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