What Is the Best Affordable Podcast Hosting Platform?

What Is the Best Affordable Podcast Hosting Platform?

In podcasting, your analytics hold the key to understanding your audience and measuring your success.

Without analytics, it would be difficult to determine how many people are listening to your podcast, where they are located, and what devices they are using.

Analytics can also help you understand which episodes are being downloaded the most, and which topics are most popular with your audience.

This information can be used not only to plan future episodes and ensure that you are providing content that your listeners want to hear, but the numbers tell potential advertisers why they should sponsor your show. (i.e. how far their advertising dollars can go).

Your analytics can help you get paid!

Many brands want to know how many people will hear their ad on your show, and your analytics data paints a picture of the type of people that are tuning in and where they are listening from.

Overall, analytics are important in podcasting because they provide insights that can be used to improve the content of your show and make sure that you are reaching your target audience.

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