Yearly Vs. Monthly : Which Plan Is Better for Podcast Hosting?

Yearly Vs. Monthly : Which Plan Is Better for Podcast Hosting?

Getting started podcasting is a journey.

Not just because you’re a newbie, but because getting into a consistent flow is tough. The all-in-one plan is made for the newer podcaster, a podcaster looking to move over from another hosting provider, or if you’re part of a larger team that’s making podcasts as part of your business. And, we offer both annual and monthly pricing for this plan, which allow you to either make a long-term decision or to keep making that decision each month.

Keep calm and podcast on.

The all-in-one plan is great for you at this stage because it gives you unlimited episodes and audio, access to cross-platform analytics, the ability to monetize your show, a free website to display your podcast, and a custom embedded player that you can display on your own website if you so choose!

We want to help you grow your show while you’re at this stage. With that in mind, this plan also allows you to schedule episodes – so that you can set it and forget it, and it’ll still publish when you’ve programmed it to do so! It offers auto submission and distribution so you don’t have to worry about your show reaching all potential listeners. And for further assurance on that front, you can also schedule social media posts. And, of course, we’re here to help along the way with 24/7 customer support.

Both annual and monthly plans offer the same services. The only tangible difference is the price and level of commitment (it’s more expensive to pay month by month – and studies show that monthly customers are more likely to podfade).

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